Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Next Installment of Tales From The Arena

So, I've been trying to come up with a pairing for another episode of Tales From The Arena. I really want to do a Man vs. Minotaur and call it Tales From the Arena: Cock and Bull Story.

However, I can't find a minotaur I really like. I'm especially keen that he should have hooves!

This guy has the sex appeal but lacks the real BULL! my story wants!

I've also been playing around with another idea I call Tales From the Arena: Gone Fishing
It should be clear at this point that Jago loves his creatures. What do you guys think???


  1. Ahhh, I see what you mean about the skin. It looks nice. :D I like that the Tales From the Arena is becoming a series all its own. Keep up the great work!

    And yeah, I've often had to delay projects that I wanted to do because I just didn't have the right figures or materials to do it justice. Hopefully you can get the bull of your dreams and go on to make a great man vs bull fight!

  2. Hi Jago,
    Wow! What a nasty mind you have. LOL You are truly great, so imaginative. You do like your creatures! I prefer man vs man, but you do bring all your creatures to life. Even the fish creature in Gone
    Fishing is interesting. This series I am looking forward to. You just know the blond dude is gonna get reeled in. So hot. As for your Minotaur, he looks just fine the way he is. Sexy BADD dude. But I know exactly how you feel about the hooves, when you have a scene in your imagination, you won't be satisfied until it is completed as conceived. I can't wait till you are satisfied with this minotaur dude. and introduce his adversary. As always I look forward to your great renderings. Thanks!

  3. PS I just revisited your Ogre Battle video. HOT!!!!!!! You are a Master! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Both creatures have hot potential for matches with your renditions of buff men. I agree the minotaur would be best with hooves; they would make him seem just that much more sinister and deadly. The tadpole is something unique. Imagine how the hero's confidence can get shaken when he repeatedly fails to get a grip on the creature's slippery bod. I hope both creatures prove to be winners in their triumphs over their buff opponents. I agree the Ogre Battle was hot, but had the ogre won, that would have been mind blowing.
    Whatever. Your work is super. Keep it up, please!

  5. Hi Jago ,
    I love your work. I think it is great. Ogre battle was very hot.
    It is a very personal opinion about the shapes and particular characteristics of your creatures that each one of us loves. The same goes about whom we like to see winning... (I am always in favour of the buff humans winning!!). So you are unlikely to get a consensus about the appearance of the 'perfect' minotaur; just personal views and preferences. So in my personal opinion the depicted minotaur is too civilised and human-like. Perhaps he needs not just hooves but also a more animal-like face. If I could make a suggestion, in Xtube a guy with the name VouyExib
    ( ) has a great looking minotaur picture as his profile pic. It may be possible to build something based on that. Also a tail may be an interesting feature which the minotaur can use to his advantage during the fight (I know my mind is in the gutter). For a more animal look, I would like to see more hair on the minotaur.
    I an sure that no matter what you decide to do will be great in the end.
    Take care and keep up the good work.

  6. I just found your work - wow, blown AWAY!. As to the examples above, I see some crazy possibilities with the amphibian you pictures, including a very dangerous tongue. Thanks for sharing.